About us

The story of the hundreds of flavored drops for hundreds of moments enjoyed began more than 20 years ago, when we first created the rum and vanilla essences in the Coseli laboratories. Since then, our researchers have created fragrances essential for extremely varied tastes. There is certainly a Coseli product for each delicious cake either if you prefer the traditional recipes or the sophisticated ones, where essences such as mint, coffee or almonds make the difference.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by specialists always searching for innovative ideas, who, in our own lab, use only raw materials supplied by leading European manufacturers in Switzerland, Spain and France. A confirmation of our research work was in 2002 when our "rum ether" received the gold medal at the Salon of Inventions in Brussels. Our researcher’s invention is used for the traditional rum flavor reminding of 'Grandparents' house " where the cheese pies, cakes or pies were made.

The smell of homemade sweets always gathers the family round the table. We offer nine types of essences with extraordinary qualities. Two of them are unique in Romania: apple cinnamon and forest fruits.

Using the Coseli pastry aromas we guarantee both resistance of the aroma after baking  and the preservation of the unique flavor for a long period in specially designed glass vials. Also, the dosage is easy, depending on the concentration of the product.

We launched the concept of super essence to highlight the strong taste of the essence of rum, vanilla, lemon and orange. Only half a teaspoon is enough to bring delight to a liter of composition. Our attention was also focused on the highly perfumed vanilla sugar which, unlike other products on the market, does not contain starch. Coseli vanilla sugar is a sugar dust with vanilla flavor, providing a uniform and rapid dispersion of flavor in the confectionery composition.

The quality of our products has positioned us as a market leader, always keeping us among the most respected providers of essential flavors, regardless of market dynamics. You can enjoy the wonderful taste of sweets and confectionery products made at home using the Coseli products you meet both in specific food stores and in supermarkets: Cora, Real, Metro, Selgros, Carrefour, Auchan, Kaufland, Profi, Artima. 


With a presence of over 20 years on the market, S.C. Coseli S.A. It produces over 150 types of flavors used in various fields of food industry and a rich range of flavoring products for home users.

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S.C. Cosel S.A. It has implemented quality management system, 9001: 2001; Environmental Management System, 14001: 2005; Health Management System, 18001: 2008; is currently implementing ISO 22000.