Delivery Products

Delivery information

Delivery of the products ordered on the site COSELI.RO is made at the address completed in the order form, only in Romania, by our sales agents (only in Iasi) or through courier companies (rest of the country). The client can choose to pick up the products (personally or delegate) from the company headquarters in Iasi, (B-dul Poitiers no. 43) in which case no transport charges are applied.

Delivery charges

Values shown include VAT. The value of the delivery tax is added to the order value (total generated at checkout) . 

Fast courier charges

Delivery charge 35.70 lei 

For the packages unclaimed from the fault of the Buyer, we reserve the right not to send any more packages to that client but in case of advance payment. The responsibility for the deliveries belongs exclusively to the fast courier company. is only liable for shipping until the packages are taken over by the courier company representative, ensuring proper packing of the goods and transmission of the documents.

Delivery term

Products delivery time is 2 working days from order confirmation (for the products in stock) and 1-2 weeks from placing the order (for the products not in stock). If the products cannot be delivered within the mentioned time, Coseli will notify the buyer (via email) about the availability of the products. In this case, the buyer may request cancellation of the order in writing within 3 days from the receipt of the notification if the value of the order was paid by the buyer before the delivery date of the ordered products, the amount paid will be refunded within 30 days, in accordance with the law.